Why should we work with Vistar?

Vistar has a highly competent and experienced team, each with many years’ experience of working within the Work Based Learning sector. The team’s experience covers quality assurance, assessment services, business development and training. Vistar is here to support the Work Based Learning sector to meet its business needs, with cost efficient solutions which drive up quality and mitigate risk, giving you consistency and peace of mind.

It’s easy to work with us; we have developed systems and processes to ensure a smooth customer experience. For more details please contact our Operations Team at operations@vistarquals.com


What do you offer?

Vistar can provide you with:

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What’s the value of the Vistar Apprenticeship Service Pack?

The Vistar Apprenticeship Service Pack (ASP) has value right from the start. The Initial Diagnostic Assessment (IDA) built into the Vistar ASP is taken on day 1 of the Apprenticeship, before the start of delivery. The Apprentice will take standard-specific assessments that assess the Apprentice’s level against all of the knowledge, skills and behaviour criteria in the Apprenticeship Standard. The results from these assessments will enable the delivery team to tailor delivery for each Apprentice and shape and structure the individual Schemes of Work and Action Plans. Results also provide a benchmark which can be used to track and demonstrate progress for each Apprentice throughout their Apprenticeship. The Vistar IDAs are split into two assessments:

  1. Onscreen multiple-choice test; delivered through Vistar’s system, STARassess

  2. Competency interview; conducted by the Apprenticeship Trainer assessing the skills and behaviours

The value of the Vistar ASP continues throughout the on-programme delivery of the Apprenticeship. One of the evidence-gathering methods in which Ofsted Inspectors will be using, based on the Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF), is ‘analysing Provider and learner records showing planning for, and monitoring of, learners’ individual progress’. The Vistar ASP gives a clear audit trail from day 1 of the Apprenticeship through to Gateway.

The Vistar ASPs also support the ‘three I’s’ within the EIF:

  1. Intent

  2. Implementation

  3. Impact

How do I make the Vistar Apprenticeship Service Pack individual to each Apprentice?

The Initial Diagnostic Assessment (IDA) will identify the areas which will need to be developed per Apprentice for them to meet the requirements of the Standards. The IDA results will generate a report, from which the individual strengths and development needs can be ascertained. This will be used to create the individual Schemes of Work and Action Plans and will be referred back to at the end of each workbook within the Vistar Apprenticeship Service Pack (ASP) under the reflection and review section and before signing off successful completion of the workbook.

Within the Vistar ASP, the Induction and Information document recommends the Apprentice to undertake a learning style activity so that their preferred style is confirmed which can then be considered in the individual Schemes of Work and Action Plan.


How much work do we need to do to use the Vistar Apprenticeship service Pack?

Apprenticeship Standards require the delivery team to undertake more training, but less by way of assessment. It is important however to monitor through assessment the Apprentice’s progress throughout the time of their Apprenticeship Standard, in order to understand the level they are working at before the Gateway and their window of their End-point Assessment.

Delivering Apprenticeship Standards in the structured way, set out in the Vistar Apprenticeship Service Pack (ASP), will ensure that the delivery team works efficiently, whilst maximising the opportunity for the Apprentice to thrive and succeed. The advantages are that there is support available to the delivery team whenever they need it, from our quality assurance and management teams. Also, the use of Vistar ASPs takes away the need for Providers to have their key staff writing, updating and amending the curriculum, which can be very costly in terms of time, resource and money. As the Vistar ASPs are fully mapped to the Apprenticeship Standards and support the Ofsted EIF, there should be less need for corrective action and timely achievement should also improve.


How do we find out more?

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements, answer your questions and show you further examples of Vistar’s offer. You can request an appointment by contacting our Operations Team at operations@vistarquals.com, or via the contact form on the Contact Us page.