Vistar Systems

Upon becoming an approved Vistar Centre, you will receive user logins for our registration, certification, scheduling and delivery of assessment systems.


STAR; Vistar’s IT system to register, and claim achievement and certificates, is powered by Parnassus; a product of Gordon Associates.

Within STAR, your Centre will be able to register Learners onto the products and services your Centre is approved to deliver. Once they have successfully completed their programmes, you will also be able to claim the achievement and certificates through STAR.

Vistar has daily print runs of certificates from STAR.

STAR also gives you access to the documentation relating to the products and services your Centre is approved to deliver, plus generic documents and information.

Please login to STAR to view these documents and access this system.


STARepa; Vistar’s IT system to register Apprentices, submit gateway documentation, and view End-point Assessment (EPA) progress and results, is powered by Talus; a product of Gordon Associates.

Within STARepa, your Centre will be able to register Apprentices for EPA to be taken once they have successfully completed the minimum on-programme requirement within the respective Apprenticeship Standard. Your Centre will upload the gateway documentation, which will be confirmed or more evidence requested by Vistar.

Once the Gateway has been confirmed by Vistar, the End-point Assessor (Assessor) will be allocated to your Apprentice and will use STARepa during the planning meeting for EPA to record all agreed time scales and locations of assessments. The Assessor will also record their reports and grades of each EPA component which will be used to calculate the overall EPA result. Vistar will complete the Internal Quality Assurance activity and STARepa will record the final EPA result.

Your centre will be able to use STARepa to view EPA progress and results once they have been recorded.

Please login to STARepa to access this system.


STARassess; Vistar’s IT system to schedule and deliver knowledge assessments, in the form of multiple-choice tests (MCT) and short and extended answer tests. STARassess is powered by XAMS; a product of Coelrind Limited.

Once your Apprentices/ Learners have been registered in STAR/ STARepa, you will be able to schedule assessments in STARassess. There are different options for the assessments to be taken; online or offline.

STARassess is on-demand and supplies instant results for online multiple-choice tests (MCT) assessments, or if taken offline, as soon as the assessment is uploaded to STARassess.

Please login to STARassess to access this system.

If you require additional user logins for any system, please contact our Operations Team at