Vistar Accredited Programmes

Vistar Accredited Programmes have been designed to work in partnership with organisations to develop, monitor, certificate and recognise in-house training programmes from across a wide range of industries and sectors.

What are the Accreditation Services?

Vistar works in partnership with organisations to develop, monitor, certificate and recognise in-house training programmes from across a wide range of industries and sectors. Vistar’s expertise lies in assessment design, delivery and external quality assurance and our team of highly qualified and experienced Quality Assurers can work with you to build, or strengthen your existing training offer, to the highest standards.

As our commitment to you, Vistar will provide tailored support and guidance according to the needs of your organisation and your existing training programme. If you already have in place a rigorous and robust training programme which meets the Vistar accreditation principles, then we will accredit based on your existing programme. We will not ask you to make changes for the sake of “fitting in” with the Vistar approach to accreditation. If, however, you would benefit from support and guidance to ensure your training programme has the rigour required to give learners the best possible outcome and learning experience then Vistar can work with you to provide a structure to your programme using the skills and knowledge that our team have from working across Awarding Organisations and End-point Assessment Organisations.

One size does not fit all, and we want to work with you to find a package of support which meets your needs.

How Vistar accredits your programme

Vistar’s decision to accredit your programme will be based on a set of accreditation principles, which have been designed to ensure your programme is both fit for purpose and robust. However, it is far more than just accrediting a programme of learning. Listed below are some of the high-level principles that Vistar accredits training programmes against. However, with each principle there is a level of service, support and guidance available to enable you to meet the requirements in full.

  1. The design of all learning programmes will be reviewed to ensure they are fit for purpose and that learners are provided with the learning experience they expect when they embark on the programme.
    1. Progress checks and/or formal assessment to track a learner’s achievements and to ensure that the learning outcomes of the programme are being met. Vistar can assist in setting up and even hosting formal assessments should this be required.
    2. Training programme is robust - it enables the learner to achieve what they are expected to achieve as part of the training, through clear learning outcomes and assessment criteria. It is pitched at the right level of difficulty for its intended purpose and is structured appropriately.
  2. The delivery of learning programmes will also come under scrutiny; Vistar will check the expertise of those delivering the training as well as the quality assurance mechanisms in place to support assessment decisions and the delivering of training. Vistar will work with you to provide external quality assurance using a risk-based approach and taking into consideration your requirements as an organisation.

Vistar’s promise to you

The Vistar Accreditation Service is unique and bespoke to your organisation. As a minimum, Vistar will work with you to accredit your programme, using robust accreditation principles. All learners on a Vistar Accredited programme will receive a certificate issued by Vistar as recognition that an external body has accredited the content and quality assurance mechanisms within the programme which the learner has completed.

How much more Vistar can do for you, is really up to you.

Some additional elements of the Vistar Accreditation Service which you may want to consider are listed below, although this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Online registration services using STAR, Vistar’s online learner registration, achievement and certification system
  • Development of learning outcomes and assessment criteria using qualification development experts who have developed and received accreditation for regulatory accredited qualifications
  • Development of assessments using industry and assessment experts, in accordance with design principles that nationally regulated assessments are designed against
  • Hosting of externally set and marked assessments
  • Joint branding of certificates, marketing material, textbooks, resources etc.
  • Support in establishing a robust internal quality assurance process

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