Vistar Apprenticeship Service Packs

Vistar Apprenticeship Service Packs (Vistar ASPs) provide Private Training Providers, FE Colleges and Employers with structured support and quality assurance, enabling the delivery of high quality and robust Apprenticeships.

Vistar ASPs have been specifically designed to support customers with their Apprenticeship delivery at every stage; from implementation and engagement with employers right through to programme design, delivery, quality assurance and preparation for End-point Assessment. Each Vistar ASP is focussed on a specific Apprenticeship Standard and provides support and tools for every individual involved in the delivery of the Apprenticeship; from the Employer, Centre delivery team and quality assurance staff right through to the Apprentice.

The Vistar ASP is supported by a robust and comprehensive external quality assurance service. This ensures the Vistar ASPs are being used appropriately to create an efficient and quality-driven Apprenticeship delivery model, which will support Ofsted inspections, and has the individual Apprentice at its heart.

How the Vistar ASP
Service can help you

  1. Employers

Employer engagement, and the Employer’s understanding of their responsibilities and commitment to the Apprentice, is essential for the delivery of an effective Apprenticeship programme. The Vistar ASP includes a detailed Employer Engagement guide, which is written exclusively for Employers to help them to navigate their way through Apprenticeships. This includes the definitions of key Apprenticeship terminology, guidance to plan ahead for their responsibilities, and any required activities as part of either the delivery of the Apprenticeship or the End-point Assessment.

  1. Private Training Providers, FE Colleges and Employers and Apprentices

Vistar is focussed on ensuring all customers can deliver efficient and consistent Apprenticeships across a range of Standards. The aim of the Vistar Centre Guide for Apprenticeships is to provide Centres which may be new to delivering Apprenticeship Standards with the tools and knowledge they need to implement and deliver high-quality Apprenticeships. The guide provides comprehensive advice to every team within the Centre which may be involved in the delivery of Apprenticeships; from senior management, business development through to delivery staff, including their individual responsibilities and details of the activities for which each team is responsible. The Centre Guide comprehensively documents the process and expectations of the Centre at every stage of the Apprenticeship process from initial Employer engagement right through to Gateway and End-point Assessment.

The Vistar ASP includes a range of support materials to help Centres design and deliver an Apprenticeship programme bespoke to individual Apprentices. Each Vistar ASP includes:

  • Standard-specific knowledge and competence-based Initial Diagnostic Assessments (IDA)

Assessing individual Apprentice’s strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, skills and behaviours against the specific criteria within the Apprenticeship Standard. Results from the IDAs enable the delivery team to create individual schemes of work and action plans and provide a benchmark for tracking individual Apprentice’s progress throughout the Apprenticeship.

  • Vistar Apprenticeship Learning Pack (ALP)

Comprising of four workbooks and an ‘Induction and Information’ document, each workbook guides the Apprentice through the learning programme, consisting of activities for the Apprentice to complete which align to the knowledge, skills and behaviours within the Apprenticeship Standard. Assessment activities within the workbooks have also been specifically designed to ensure the Apprentice has practice of the full range of assessment methods that they will be expected to undertake prior to or at End-point Assessment. At the end of each workbook, the Apprentice will have the opportunity to ‘reflect and review’ their learning programme before going into the next quarter.

Apprentices can be certificated at the end of each successfully completed workbook, to celebrate their progression through the Vistar ASP. Certificates will be issued following satisfactory quality assurance visits from the Vistar EQA and once claimed by the Centre. To support the delivery of the Vistar ALPs, Vistar has also produced accompanying Vistar Apprenticeship Trainer Packs (ATP), which provide suggested answers and guidance for the Trainers in delivering and assessing the activities within the workbooks.

  • Vistar Schemes of Work and Action Plans

Aligned with the Vistar Apprenticeship Learning Pack workbooks, these are planning templates which enable the Apprenticeship Trainer and the Apprentice to record how they will meet the requirements of the Apprenticeship Standard. The Vistar Schemes of Work and Action Plans take into consideration the Apprentice’s individual learning style and off-the-job training requirements.

  • Vistar End-point Preparation Assessments (EPPA)

In the last workbook, before the Gateway process, the Apprentice will have the opportunity to take a Vistar End-point Preparation Assessment that is aligned to the End-point Assessment. This is accessed through STARassess, Vistar’s online assessment platform and will provide the Apprentice with a result, grade and feedback on areas of strengths and weaknesses against the Standard.

Below are the Vistar Apprenticeship Service Packs we have currently available.

For more information, please contact our Operations Team at

Care Services

  • Adult Care Worker Level 2
  • Lead Adult Care Worker Level 2

Education & Childcare

  • Early Years Practitioner Level 2*
  • Early Years Educator Level 3
  • Teaching Assistant Level 3

Business & Administration

  • Business Administrator Level 3
  • Team Leader Supervisor Level 3
  • Operations Departmental Manager Level 5

Catering & Hospitality

  • Hospitality Team Member Level 2
  • Production Chef Level 2

*Coming Soon.